Versatile PhD

Do you know about The Versatile Ph.D.? By now, you may have heard of this service, which offers graduate students a way of preparing for a full range of possible career outcomes.

For you, the service is here! The service now is accessible to faculty and students through the Graduate College website where you can log on via your OU 4x4 and password.

The Versatile Ph.D. premium service offered to university subscribers specifically helps humanities and social science graduates prepare for non-academic careers. You can visit the site at to get an overview.

It’s an online support service that offers discussion forums, social networking, and employment leads. Its founder also organizes Career Panel discussions.

To participate, register on the VPhD site we’ve listed above.   Be sure to set your email settings the way you want them:  after registering, visit your profile, click "settings," and open the Notifications tab.   Please also read the Code of Conduct, which explains the norms of the Versatile PhD community.

Please remember, the Versatile PhD is a confidential, members-only site.  


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