Department Contacts

College of  Architecture

  Dean Dr. Charles Graham 325-5693
Architecture Liaison Prof. Joel Dietrich 325-6792
Architecture Director Prof. Hans Butzer 325-3305
Architecture (Tulsa) Director / Liaison Prof. Shawn Schaefer 660-3493
Construction Science Director Prof. Kenneth Robson 325-2444
Construction Science Liaison Dr. Lisa Holliday 325-3976
Interior Design Director Prof. Mia Kile 325-1051
Interior Design Liaison Prof. Hans-Peter Wachter 325-2444
Landscape Architecture Director Prof. Thomas Woodfin 325-2299
Landscape Architecture Liaison Prof. Leehu Loon 325-1519
Regional & City Planning Director Dr. Dawn Jourdan 325-2444
Regional & City Planning Liaison Prof. K. Meghan Wieters 325-3851

College of  Arts and Sciences

  Dean Dr. Kelly Damphousse 325-2077
Anthropology Chair Dr. Tassie K. Hirschfeld 325-7462
Anthropology Liaison Dr. Cecil Lewis Jr. 325-3415
Biological Station Chair Dr. Gary Wellborn 325-1421
Biology Chair Dr. Randall Hewes 325-6099
Biology Liaison Dr. Rosemary Knapp 325-4389
Chemistry and Biochemistry Chair Dr. G. Richter-Addo 325-4811
Chemistry and Biochemistry Liaison Dr. Robert White 325-4806
Classics Chair Dr. Samuel Huskey 325-0490
Communication Liaison Dr. Amy Johnson 325-2561
Communication Chair Dr. Michael Kramer 325-9503
Economics Liaison Dr. Benjamin Keen 325-5843
Economics Chair Dr. Alexander Holmes 325-6333
Economics (AP) Director / Liaison Dr. Aparna Mitra 325-2861
English Liaison Dr. Francesca Sawaya 325-4661
English Chair Dr. Catherine John 325-4661
Health and Exercise Science Chair Dr. Michael Bemben 325-2717
Health and Exercise Science Liaison Dr. Travis Beck 325-5211
History Chair Dr. James Hart Jr 325-6347
History Liaison Dr. Sterling Evans 325-7264
History of Science Chair Dr. Hunter Heyck 556-1145
History of Science Liaison Dr. Stephen Weldon 325-5187
Human Relations Chair / Liaison Dr. Wesley Long 325-1756
International Relations (AP) Director / Liaison Dr. Loretta Bass 325-1751
Library and Information Studies Director / Liaison Dr. Cecelia Brown 325-3921
Mathematics Chair Dr. Andy Miller 325-6711
Mathematics - M.A., Ph.D. Liaison Dr. Ralf Schmidt 325-2684
Mathematics - M.S. Liaison Dr. John Albert 325-6711
Microbiology and Plant Biology Chair / Liaison Dr. Gordon Uno 325-6281
Modern Languages Chair Dr. Nancy LaGreca 325-6181
Modern Languages Liaison Dr. Stephanie Hom 325-3887
Native American Studies Director / Liaison Dr. Gus Palmer 325-8786
Natural Science Chair / Liaison Dr. Edmund Marek 325-1498
Organizational Leadership (AP) Director / Liaison Dr. Kirby Gilliland 325-4511
Philosophy Chair Dr. Wayne Riggs 325-5950
Philosophy Liaison Dr. Sherri Irvin 325-3113
Philosophy Liaison Dr. Stephen Ellis 325-6433
Physics and Astronomy Chair Dr. Gregory Parker 325-3961
Physics and Astronomy Liaison Dr. Kieran Mullen 323-3961
Political Science Liaison Dr. Paul Goode 325-2023
Political Science Chair Dr. Greg Russell 325-5517
Psychology Chair Dr. Jorge Mendoza 325-4511
Psychology Liaison Dr. Lori Snyder 325-4511
Psychology (Org. Dynamics) Liaison Dr. Brigitte Steinheider 660-3475
Public Administration Liaison Dr. Alisa Fryar 325-0107
Public Administration Director Dr. Aimee Franklin 325-5216
Social Work Liaison Dr. Anthony Natale 325-2821
Social Work Director Dr. Julie Miller-Cribbs 325-2821
Sociology Chair Dr. Craig St. John 325-1751
Sociology Liaison Dr. Trina Hope 325-3647
Women's and Gender Studies Liaison Dr. Jennifer Davis Cline 325-3481

College of  Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences

  Dean Dr. Berrien Moore III 325-3095
Geography & Environmental Sustainability Liaison Dr. Fred Shelley 325-9190
Geography & Environmental Sustainability Chair Dr. Aondover Tarhule 325-5325
Geoinformatics Director / Liaison Dr. May Yuan 325-4871
Meteorology Liaison Dr. Alan Shapiro 325-6097
Meteorology Director Dr. Dave Parsons 325-8565

College of  Business

  Dean Dr. Daniel Pullin 325-9030
Accounting Liaison Dr. Andrew Cuccia 325-5796
Accounting Director Dr. Frances Ayres 325-5768
Business Administration - M.B.A. Liaison Dr. Robert Dauffenbach 325-2931
Business Administration - Ph.D. Liaison Dr. Robert Dauffenbach 325-2931
Center for Economic & Management Rsrch Director Dr. Robert Dauffenbach 325-2931
Energy Executive M.B.A. Liaison Dr. Dipankar Ghosh 325-4221
Finance Chair / Liaison Dr. Bill Megginson 325-5591
Finance Director Dr. Pradeep Yadav 325-5591
Management Director Dr. Michael Buckley 325-2651
Management Information Systems Director / Liaison Dr. Laku Chidambaram 325-0791
Marketing & Supply Chain Management Director Dr. Rajiv Dant 325-5899

College of  Earth & Energy

  Dean Dr. Larry Grillot 325-3821
Geology & Geophysics Liaison Dr. Michael Engel 325-3253
Geology & Geophysics Director Dr. Doug Elmore 325-3253
Natural Gas Engineering & Management Director / Liaison Dr. Suresh Sharma 325-5928
Petroleum & Geological Engineering Liaison Dr. Deepak Devegowda 325-8141
Petroleum & Geological Engineering Director Dr. Chandra Rai 325-2921

College of  Education

  Dean Dr. Gregg Garn 325-1082
Certification Liaison Dr. Teresa DeBacker 325-1068
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Chair / Liaison Dr. David Tan 325-5986
Educational Psychology Chair / Liaison Dr. Xun Ge 325-8418
Instructional Leadership & Academic Curr Liaison Dr. Stacy Reeder 325-1498
Instructional Leadership & Academic Curr Chair Dr. Lawrence Baines 325-1463

College of  Engineering

  Dean Dr. Thomas L. Landers 325-2621
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Liaison Dr. Peter Attar 325-5011
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Director Dr. Altan Cengiz 325-1737
Bioengineering Liaison Dr. Matthias Ulli Nollert 325-4366
Bioengineering Director Dr. David Schmidtke 325-7944
Chemical, Biological & Materials Engr. Liaison Dr. Matthias Ulli Nollert 325-4366
Chemical, Biological, & Materials Engr. Director Dr. Lance Lobban 325-4390
Civil Engineering & Environ. Science Director Dr. Robert C. Knox 325-5911
Civil Engineering & Environ. Science Liaison Dr. Amy Cerato 325-5625
Computer Science Director Dr. Sridhar Radhakrishnan 325-1867
Computer Science Liaison Dr. Changwook Kim 325-4042
Electrical & Computer Engineering Liaison Dr. Sesh Commuri 325-4279
Electrical & Computer Engineering Director Dr. James Sluss 325-4277
Engineering Physics Chair Dr. Mike Santos 325-3961
Engineering Physics Liaison Dr. Kieran Mullen 325-3961
General Engineering Liaison Dr. Simin Pulat 325-2432
Industrial Engineering Liaison Dr. Janet Allen 550-3969
Industrial Engineering Director Dr. Randa Shehab 325-2307
Telecommunications Engineering Director / Liaison Dr. Pramode Verma 660-3235

College of  Fine Arts

  Dean Dr. Rich Taylor 325-7370
Art & Art History Director Prof. Todd Stewart 325-3637
Art & Art History Liaison Prof. Curtis Jones 325-3747
Art & Art History Director Dr. Rozmeri Basic 325-6593
Dance Liaison Prof. Jeremy Lindberg 325-5312
Dance Director Prof. Mary Margaret Holt 325-4051
Drama Liaison Dr. Kae Koger 325-4541
Drama Director Prof. Thomas Orr 325-4021
Music Liaison Dr. Sanna Pederson 325-2081
Music Director Dr. Larry Mallett 325-2081

College of  International Studies

  Dean Dr. Suzette Grillot 325-6003
International and Area Studies Director Dr. Mitchell Smith 325-1584
International and Area Studies Liaison Dr. Mitchell P. Smith 325-2667

College of  Journalism & Mass Communication

  Dean Dr. Joe Foote 325-5997
Journalism & Mass Communication Liaison Dr. Meta Carstarphen 325-5227

College of  Law

  Dean Dr. Joseph Harroz Jr. 325-4699
Law Liaison Ms. Kathie Madden 325-4728

College of  Liberal Studies

  Dean Dr. James Pappas 325-1061
Liberal Studies Liaison Dr. Julie Raadschelders 325-1061
Liberal Studies Chair Dr. James Pappas 325-1061

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